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Hi! :)
    A short preamble: Gringotts is the name of the inviolable wizard bank in a famous children book series, known in all the wizardry world for the truculent fate that awaits all the wannabe robbers. I think it's a quite fitting name for a program which purpose is to secure sensitive data, isn't it? :-)

libGringotts is a small, easy-to-use, thread-safe C library originally developed for Gringotts; its purpose is to encapsulate data (generic: ASCII, but also binary data) in an encrypted and compressed structure, to be written in a file or used elseway. It makes use of strong encryption algorithms, to ensure the data are as safe as possible, and allow the user to have the complete control over all the algorithms used in the process.

    For encryptions, libGringotts makes use of the MCrypt and MHash libs by Nikos Mavroyanopoulos, two really powerful and easy to use C libraries.

    Being Free Sofware, you're encouraged to take the code and do just whatever you want with it... as long as you retain the original copyright note, of course. Every contribution is more than welcome! Now it's time to read INSTALL and the HTML manual!

    Have a nice day, and thank you very much,

    Mano :)


    This library aims to be as complete as possible, but with a stress on lightness and simplicity. Currently it features:

  • High stress on safety & security
  • Any data sequence can be used as password and as data, in any combination. You can use files as passwords, for example.
  • Highly customizable & easy to use
  • 8 encryption algorythms are available:
    • The AES winner:
      • RIJNDAEL-128
    • AES finalists:
      • SERPENT
      • TWOFISH
    • Other AES contestants:
      • CAST 256
      • SAFER
      • LOKI97
    • Other strong algorythms:
      • 3DES
      • RIJNDAEL-256
  • 2 160-bit hash algorythms, used to generate the key
    • SHA1
    • RIPEMD 160
  • 2 compression types, with 4 compression levels each
    • ZLib
    • BZip2
  • Provides functions to write data to temporary files in a totally secure way, with the same strong encryption of the data files.
  • Complete Search function.
  • pkg-config support
  • it's easy to write a magic file for the GNU file utility


    This library has been originally designed & written by by Germano Rizzo (aka Mano) (aka me :-) <mano@pluto.linux.it>.

    Nice patches and a major bugfix by James Antill <james@and.org>.

    File format 3 comes from a very interesting discussion with Bob Mathews <bobmathews@alumni.calpoly.edu>.


    The "libGringotts" library itself, these web pages and the PHP scripts used are © (better, copyleft) 2002 by Germano Rizzo.

    You can use, modify and redistribute them as you wish (it's free software! :), under the terms of the GNU General Public License, v.2 or later.

    My deepest thanks to the Free Software Foundation and the GNU project for having created such a wonderful concept!

    Being quoted by Joanna K. Rowling's books, the very name Gringotts could be ©, ® or ™ by her or someone in her behalf, altough I'm not aware of it. In case I'm violating any law, just let me know.

© 2002, Germano Rizzo under GPL.
All graphics realized with GNOME2 and The GIMP.
All dynamic contents realized with PHP. For the sources, ask me.